New album

25 12 2012

go to: for more info!

Thank u

21 01 2012

The bills are dead for now.

Yes I will be working on a new album, release day: next year hopeful.

God Bless.

stop online piracy act

18 01 2012

Plz Stop SOAP: stop online piracy act: This blog will be in the website blackout!

17 01 2012

Hi this is Antlason, plz help me to stop SOAP (stop online piracy act)
If this bill pass: no more freedom, and total chaos everywere in the world and the web.

Plz stop SOAP: this blog will be in this blackout this January 18, 2012

Here some info about it:

Hope u kill these bills from passing
God Bless

Happy New Year

1 01 2012

Happy New Year

Merry Xmas

25 12 2011

Merry Xmas

Ties Of Music and Ties Of Music: Dark UnderCity

7 12 2011

Hi Antlason, here to tell u bad news
I got to fill out some paper to get my music up,
srry for the wait, but every side will have these albums.

God Bless!

Hopeful it will be up soon!!!

Ep 5 and Ties of music News

29 08 2011

Freedom (Ep5) is Coming next on 9/7/11

Be on the look out

Mirrors Of Fear and Freedom lyrics are at:

Ties Of Music tracks are:

Mew Begin
Dynamic Flames
Cold : are ready out has the 1st single
Mirrors of fear : coming this fall has the 2nd single hopeful a free download
Mew End

B-side and Unhear, Still working on new music.

17 06 2011

Hi Antlason here to tell u

about B-side and Unhear is here on this blog now.
Still working on new stuff to coming.

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4 01 2010

I am on facebook now.
More new music on facebook.

Go to this link